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豐得利實業 -- 氣動刻模機,噴槍專業廠   

Koca豐得利實業有限公司,於1988年在台中太平工业区成立。 專業製造出口各式各樣的气动工具。 我們也提供顧客以OEM服務,并且我們自己的名牌, Koca,有良好的信譽並且在許多地方很好賣,例如歐洲、亞洲、非洲和澳洲等等。 在台灣我們產品的質量是最好。
We have the pleasure of introducing ourselves to you . Koca Precision Co., Ltd. was established in 1988 , and located within the Taiping Industrial District in Taichung Country . We are manufacturer and an exporter that are specialzed in making various air micro grinders , hardware for machines , air tools , etc . We also provide customers with OEM service , and our own brand name , Koca , has excellent reputation and sells very well in many places , such as Europe , Asia , Africa , and Australia , etc. The quality of our products is the best and superior to other companies in this filed in Taiwan.

公司名稱 : 豐得利實業有限公司 電話 : 886-4-22755437
傳真 : 886-4-22755480 email :
網址 : 地址 : 台中縣太平市鵬儀路342巷6弄2號
主要產品 : ,氣動刻模機,氣動打釘機 ,噴槍,噴筆,機械 ,五金

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